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Most professional chefs didn't spend four years in college learning how to cook. Most culinary students put in about a year of initial training. Many of them will continue on with further classes and seminars once they start their careers. But to get started, most only earned a completion certificate, diploma or associate's degree.

If you don't have a culinary arts school in your city (and many smaller cities don't have one), you may be forced to either temporarily move away to a larger city or string together a series of courses through your local community college or trade school. Learn more about community colleges and earning an associate's degree.

A lot of individuals who have an interest in the restaurant business, but not necessarily working as a chef, will often times get involved in the hospitality industry as a manager-in-training. Hospitality management is a big industry and graduates end up working in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, and other businesses that entertain customers. You can read more at

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